The main idea that I have come to over the years of research is that the changes for the worse that have been taking place for several decades in the field of education do not happen by themselves. They originate, are directed, monitored and paid from one center. You can call them Freemasons, or the world government and their henchmen… I will call them simply: servants of Satan.

So, the servants of Satan work all over the world and in all directions, with people of all ages. This is how they change the consciousness of young Americans, Brits and Australians. If you go to this YouTube channel, you will find many other videos there, the names of which are simply terrifying. Who pays for the creation and distribution of such content around the world?

And here’s how they change the consciousness of the young French:
Of young Hispanics:
Of young Russians:
How does it work, or why do they introduce sex education in schools (the video is in Russian, but you can turn on subtitles):
But especially they work with the consciousness of parents and teachers:
The works of certain «scientists» are translated into all languages of the world. For example, in Russia, the teachings of Carl Rogers (and Thomas Gordon) are promoted by psychologist Julia Gippenreiter. Before that, she went to the USA to study with specialists. In addition, she mastered the NLP technique invented by Robert Dilts to make it easier to change the worldview of parents. Psychologists from all over the world (from different countries) studied there with her. The teaching of Gordon Newfeld in Russia is promoted by psychologists Lyudmila Petranovskaya and Olga Pisarik. Each country has its own psychology gurus. Fortunately, the global fraud was noticed not only by me, but also by other people: Carl Rogers.

What is the danger:

Why do parents fall for this deception:
What is the most important thing in raising children:
What will happen if you bring up children according to the advice of modern psychologists:
How psychologists evade responsibility:
What is NLP used for?
The Masonic idea in the upbringing of children:
About the limits of what is allowed (what limits they allow to set by parents today):
My small note that can be read with the help of a translator: The manipulation of children.
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